Our ►►►MiniLinks® concept provides...

Schools Engagement


There are very few opportunities for local school children to sample proper golf on an actual golf course.   ►►►MiniLinks®  is perfectly set up to provide a stepping stone from driving range golf to large golf course play with our unique and exciting 

Intro2Golf and LittleChippers programmes

Community Engagement


We are able to attract customers to the area through an affordable sporting activity and the introduction of our  ►►► MiniMajors competitions throughout the year which are Available to All and engages the community.

Improving Safety & Aesthetics


Our aim is to vastly improve an area through gentrification of existing property.  Often sites are derelict, run down and attract anti-social behaviour.   Staff presence and the introduction of CCTV helps to improve the safety and security of the area.

Promote A Healthier Lifestyle


 ►►►MiniLinks® is a new concept that helps engage people of all ages in physical activity.   Whether you are taking your first ever tee shot or practicing your short golf,  ►►►MiniLinks® Golf is set up perfectly and Available to All

Creating Employment


Each ►►►MiniLinks® Par3 course requires staff to run the clubhouse, events, social media, websites and most importantly, Greenkeepers to look after the course.  Each  ►►►MiniLinks®  course therefore provides a plethora of local employment.

Generating Council Income


As well as generating income for the local council through ground rent, property purchases and employment taxes,  ►►►MiniLinks®  concept saves councils time and money by looking after a previously costly area.  

at.golf urgently require run down pitch & putt courses

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►►►MiniLinks® Other Courses

Our at.golf team are constantly busy with local councils on a number of projects across the UK.  We are hoping to announce some very exciting expansion plans soon.....

at.golf would love to hear location suggestions:

+441253 782134