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►►►Competition Information

►►►Who Can Play & When?

Very simply, everyone plays in one competition. Junior golfers, lady golfers, ability golfers, men and senior golfers. This is OPEN TO ALL and you can play as many times as you wish within the dates.

Please see our competition diary above for dates.

►►►Competition & Prizes

Everybody plays in one competition under two simple categories:


Prizes are available for Overall 1st, 2nd & 3rd, Best Lady & Best Junior including a FREE month's unlimited golf pass.

►►►Scoring: Golfer

You are classed as a golfer if you have had or currently hold a GOLF HANDICAP.

This means you have to mark your exact score on your card.

Get stuck in our rough and take 10 shots to finish a hole? Mark 10 on your card and book in for an Individual Lesson with us!

►►►Scoring: Non-Golfer

You are classed as a non-golfer if you have NEVER had a GOLF HANDICAP.

You are therefore capped at a MAXIMUM score of 4 per hole.

Get stuck in our rough and take 10 shots to finish a hole? Don't worry! Mark ONLY a 4 on your card.

►►►I Want To Book and/or Bring a Group Down?

Group bookings, for large parties or small groups are very welcome at the course and an ideal option to beat the queue.  Please see our Birdie Package.

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