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No upcoming events.

►►►Competition Information

►►►Who Can Play & When?

Very simply, everyone plays in one competition. Junior golfers, lady golfers, ability golfers, men and senior golfers. This is OPEN TO ALL.

Please see our competition diary above for dates.

►►►Competition & Prizes

Everybody plays in one competition under two simple categories:


Prizes are available for Overall 1st, 2nd & 3rd, Best Lady & Best Junior including a FREE month's unlimited golf pass.

►►►Scoring: Golfer

You are classed as a golfer if you have had or currently hold a GOLF HANDICAP.

This means you have to mark your exact score on your card.

Get stuck in our rough and take 10 shots to finish a hole? Mark 10 on your card and book in for an Individual Lesson with us!

►►►Scoring: Non-Golfer

You are classed as a non-golfer if you have NEVER had a GOLF HANDICAP.

You are therefore capped at a MAXIMUM score of 4 per hole.

Get stuck in our rough and take 10 shots to finish a hole? Don't worry! Mark ONLY a 4 on your card.

►►►I Want To Book and/or Bring a Group Down?

Group bookings, for large parties or small groups are very welcome at the course and an ideal option to beat the queue.  Please see our Birdie Package.